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Behind the Canvas

Madysen Ave is a growing community of artists and art lovers alike. We create art with a goal. Our goal with Madysen Ave is to bring people together, especially during this time of need, to help lift each other up. We try to achieve that by donating a portion of our profits to charity or putting the spotlight on an amazing artist for a month! People helping people is the way we intend to do things around here. Hopefully, you will join us in our art journey! 

Madysen Ave

Madysen Ave Art

The City




Black and White

I love this art piece. The Madysen Ave artist produces stunning art that has won awards as well as praise from all my guests!

Frank Dolan
Art Connoisseur and loyal Madysen Ave customer

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The City Print

8″x10″ for $35.00

11″x14″ for $45.00


8″x10″ for $35.00

11″x14″ for $45.00

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