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Welcome to the Madysen Ave Family!

MA is so excited to bring you into a world of color, community, and exciting new ideas! Here our goal is to expand people’s view of art by introducing to them new forms of creativity, anything from music to dance or animation to paint.

MA is made up of three parts:

  1. The Collection and Custom Shop: Every month Madysen Ave Artists will compose a series of artwork, the “Collection”, that relate to a specific theme. They will challenge themselves to dig deep into the topic and generate a one of a kind piece. MA Artists also create custom pieces made just for YOU in the Custom Shop! They will work and communicate with you to create the perfect piece. Custom Shop is only open for a limited time every year, so get your orders in quick!
  2. Artist(s) of the Month: This is a special offer from MA. Here we sponsor Artists of any kind every month. The Artist will be able to sell their work on the MA website and work with MA Artists to create something special for their sponsorship. On the MA website the Artists profile will live forever so if someone is looking for that Artists work the customer will be able to contact the Artist.  Artist(s) of the Month will be starting late April 2020 so if you are an aspiring artist or have a talented friend fill out the application! (link down below) Requirements: Name (First and last or pen name), a brief description of yourself and what you do, your email, social media handles and/or link to personal website. Apply here: Artist of the Month Application.
  3. The Community: The most important part of  Madysen Ave is the people who make it happen! We hope to connect people of different backgrounds to each other because together we can change the world. Family is a key part to Madysen Ave. Family is full of surprises, ups and downs, and amazing moments but at the end of the day we are always here for each other. Here we cherish the time with our family. The Madysen Ave family is capable of so much and we can not be more excited to bring you onto the bandwagon!

Madysen Ave tries to give back to the community by helping individuals. A portion of ALL MA profits go to the Go-Fund-Me for Michael Keefe, a cancer patient. He is a truly amazing human being and we hope you can help support him as well. Our goal is to raise $50,000 dollars to help him with treatments. (

Madysen Ave will be either going to events or hosting events that we want you to come check out! You will be able to get information about the events through your subscription, the website, and all social media platforms Madysen Ave participates in.

Have an event Madysen Ave should be a part of? Email the Link to the Madysen Ave email down below!

Questions or comments?  Please email:

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